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6 Bath Fizzys - You Choose the Scents
6 Bath Fizzys - You Choose the Scents

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Bath Fusion Co. Presents

Lot of 6 6 oz (approximately the size of a tennis ball) Bath Bomb Fizzy

Made with Organic Cocoa Butter for extra moisturizing



APHRODISIAC - An amazingly complex and energizing fragrance. Aphrodisiac begins with top notes of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, and green tomato leaf; followed by middle notes of jasmine and dry base notes of eucalyptus and woods.

APPLE BLOSSOM - A light, fresh floral with tart apple notes.

APPLE CINNAMON - If you're looking for a wonderful blend of apples and cinnamon without an overkill of bakery base notes, this is just for you! The aroma of a red juicy McIntosh apple, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks.

AQUA DI GIO TYPE - A sexy, fresh, aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli, and tangerine; flowing into mid notes of rosemary, jasmine, and persimmon; all sitting on a woodsy base note of essential oil of patchouli.

ASIAN SANDLEWOOD - A seductive blend of woodsy notes, settling down in an amber base to create a warm scent.

BABY POWDER - Want to freshen up a baby's room or do you just miss that fresh baby smell? Try our baby powder scent and experience its soft delicate scent.

BEACH DAISY - Blended with lemongrass, daisy petals, gardenia, ylang-ylang, clove, amber, and musk.

BIRTHDAY CAKE - A special treat for any sweet tooth! Indulge in the aroma of freshly baked cake straight from the oven. Blended with rich vanilla, pure cane sugar, and topped with a smooth and creamy white frosting.

BITE ME - Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance.

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA - A wonderful blend of sun-ripened blackberries and creamy smooth vanilla.

BLACKBERRY TEA - Smells just like a refreshing cup of fruity herbal tea with tart, ripened blackberries.

BLUEBERRY LEMON VERBENA - Ripe summer blueberries are hand tossed with candied lemon and light green notes of verbena.

BONFIRE BLISS - A fragrance reminiscent of gentle, dusky breezes and bonfires, with notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, heliotrope, charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, and musk with a background containing hints of roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, coconut and soft vanilla.

BROWN SUGAR FIG - Caramelized brown sugar paired with ripened figs, coconut, and a touch of amber.

BUTT NAKED - A frisky blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla and musk.

CAPPUCCINO HAZELNUT - Fresh brewed espresso with hints of Hazelnut topped with frothed milk.

CHAMPAGNE - Smells just like champagne or the fizzy bubbles in ginger ale.

CHAMOMILE NEROLI – Soft, intoxicating. Chamomile, Neroli, & Petigrain

CHERRY BOMB - This fragrance is both tart and sweet like a big bowl of maraschino cherries.

CHOCOLATE DECADENCE - Truly sinful, this masterpiece of chocolates is deep, rich, sexy and will make you crave Godiva.

COCONUT MILK - Like splitting open a freshly picked coconut on Gilligan's Island.

COLD & FLU - Strong aroma that helps to relieve stuffy heads and chests. Aids in relieving coughing, decongestion, and minor aches and pains. A strong dose of menthol, rosemary mint, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

COOKIE DOUGH - Yummy, dense and delicious -- a very true rendition of a mother's favorite recipe.

COUNTRY GARDEN - This fresh, romantic, floral fragrance is fantastic during the whole year! This fragrance begins with top notes of fresh green clover, and ivy with middle notes of romantic snapdragon, rose petals, and carnations; ending with base notes of white musk and fig leaves.

CREME BRULEE - A rich dessert of cream, caramelized sugar, egg yolk, and a touch of vanilla.

CUCUMBER & MELONS - An aroma of sweet and sour cucumber and a deep green oily note with hints of violet, with a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon.

CUCUMBER MINT - Garden cucumber blended with the freshly cut mint leaves for an extremely fresh and clean scent.

DAY SPA - Outdoor garden clean, peaceful, tranquil and yet invigorating -- a light dusting of white florals and sparkling peach, with added kick of essential tart, white grapefruit and sparkling water. Very upscale and boutique-like.

DOWN HOME COUNTRY - A fragrance that evokes the feeling of getting away to a cedar log cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature; serenity, comfort. This powerhouse of a fragrance is a woodsy blend of fresh cedar, true patchouli, natural lavender, effervescent clove, and aromatic eucalyptus.

DRAGON'S BLOOD - True to the essential oil. Dragon's blood truly has a smell all its own.

DREAM ROSE - Absolutely like a bouquet of fresh roses from your garden. True red rose scent, not perfume.

EUCAMINT – A bright, refreshing blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT – Spearmint, Citrus & Ginger w/Eucalyptus and Jasmine.

FRESH BAMBOO - Wild Bamboo stalks, Aloe & Jasmine with notes of Vetivert and musk mixed together in a refreshing blend.

FRESH GINGER LIME – Ginger and Lime w/a hint of Lemon, Lily, & Grapefruit.

FRUIT LOOPS - A sweet and delectable delight of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerine and sugared vanilla.

GARDENIA - This beautiful and refreshing floral scent is reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom.

GINGER PEACH - A nice blend of juicy peach with a touch of ginger spice.

GIRL CRUSH - Sweet, Classy, and just a tad bit Sassy. A saucy combination of Valencia Orange, Sparkling Bergamot, Tangerine Zest, Tart Cassis, Orange Juice, Neroli, Ground Pepper, Fiery Chili Pepper, and Sheer Musk.

GOODY GOODY GUM DROPS - Sweet mixed fruit with hints of candied sugar and a pinch of yummy spice.

GRAPE CABERNET - Imagine the bold, fruity aroma of an old-world vineyard at the height of the harvest.

GRAPE KOOL-AID - Scented and colored exactly as Grape Cabernet, just with a kid friendly name.

GRAPEFRUIT - Smells EXACTLY like a freshly sliced pink grapefruit.

HOT PINK LIME - This refreshing bath bomb is an accord of Kaffir lime, Japanese grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon; middle notes of bergamot and strawberries; sitting on base notes of brown sugar and oakmoss.

ICE CAPADE - Top notes of lemon, peppermint, and spearmint; a warm middle note of buttercream; and base notes of vanilla and menthol.

ISLAND MARGARITA – Exotic blend of Mandarin, Blue Iris, Plum, Sandalwood, and Sweet Tangelo.

ISLAND NECTAR - Mango, pineapple, plumeria & berries w/hints of sugar. A base of coconut milk balances with hints of musk.

JAMACIA ME CRAZY - A refreshing blend of tempting tropical fruits with a twist of citrus and a hint of coconut.

JAMMIN ROCK CANDY - This fragrance is an explosive blend of the sweet jammin' berry trio of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus brought together by icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy. This fragrance truly "Rocks the House".

JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM – A graceful blend of Pear, Japanese Cherry Blossom & Cedarwood. (True to B&BW)

JASMINE VANILLA - Beautifully garnished silk white jasmine petals. This engaging rose fragrance comes to full bloom with creamy vanilla and classic rose. (True to B&BW)

JUNIPER BREEZE - Fresh, invigorating scent captures the refreshing essence of juniper through the air on a morning breeze.

KARMA - The aura of orange, lavender and pine with notes of patchouli, lemongrass, cashmere and musk.

KISS & TELL - A flirty, colorful blend of succulent purple passion fruit, burgundy Tuscan grapes, sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery. Compare to VS bombshell.

LAVENDER - A fresh lavender fragrance, this is well rounded and prettier with soft flowery notes. True Lavender scent.

LAVENDER VANILLA - A soothing combination of Spanish lavender and warm Madagascar vanilla. Peaceful and serene!

LEMON BARS - This yummy fragrance has sweet bakery scents complimented by sunny lemon notes. So enticing!

LICK ME ALL OVER - A wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.

LILAC - Smells like true lilac in full bloom.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Base notes of white carnation and blood orange are the perfect foil for heart notes of sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli. The top notes give a hint of toasted vanilla bean and whiffs of vetiver, amber, and the tiniest touch of Egyptian musk for a smoky, sexy finish.

LUCKY CLOVER - A cool fresh green scent of aloe and green clover.

MANGO PEACH SALSA - Bursting aromas of mango, citrus lime, fresh peach, chile & cilantro add to this delectable salsa.

MIDSUMMER NIGHTS - An intoxicating and masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne.

MONKEY FARTS– Banana w/Grapefruit, Orange, Kiwi, Coconut, Raspberry, Strawberry & Apple.

MOONLIGT PATH - A sensual fragrance infused with lavender, violets and light musk – perfect for a moonlit stroll.

007 - A clean, fresh, masculine scent, yet not overpowering. Reminds us of Old Spice.

OATMEAL MILK & HONEY - Blended with utmost care, this is the perfect melding of three fabulous scents. Sweet and toasty, this is one that you'll want to take a bite out of!

OCEAN BREEZE - Breathe in the fresh, salty scent of the ocean no matter where you are. Very crisp and clean.

ORANGE JULIUS - Juicy orange blended with vanilla bean and sugar.

PEAR - A refreshing scent that is fruity, juicy, sweet & scrumptious. (BB&W Type)

PEPPERMINT - The cool, crisp blast of finely chopped or crushed candy peppermint.

PINEAPPLE MANGO - A tropical blend of sweet pineapple and luscious mango complimented with notes of lotus flower and warm vanilla.

PINK BERRY MIMOSA – Strawberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cider, Citrus, & Effervescent Mimosa

PINK SANGRIA - A refreshing combination of zesty mandarin, raspberry , fresh blueberry and layered sweet sugar crystals

PINK SUGAR - A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musk

PLUMERIA – A sweet floral fragrance, inspired by the tropics. Blends of plumeria blossoms with a hint of ripe melons.

POMEGRANATE - Juicy, bright pomegranate blended with peach, strawberry and orange.

POMEGRANATE APPLETINI - A blend of McIntosh apple and ripe pomegranate infused with fresh orchids and cashmere musk.

PUMPKIN CRUNCH CAKE - The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich eagle brand milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice.

PUMPKIN SPICE - A warm blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin.

RAIN – Cool, Refreshing blend of White Flowers, Lilies, & a hint of Lavender.

RED CLOVE - A powerful true clove scent

ROSEMARY MINT - A revitalizing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs and mint. A stronger type scent.

SAGE & LEMONGRASS- A strong lemongrass/citrus fragrance with subtle sage notes.

SANDY BEACH - A gorgeous day at the beach complete with warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin.

SEASIDE ESCAPE – Blend of Water Lily, Apple Blossom, Sandalwood, and bergamot.

SEX ON THE BEACH - A tropical drink that blends pineapple & orange w/tart cranberries. Notes of vodka and peach schnapps.

SHEER SEDUCTION - A sensual floral accord of African violets and lily of the valley, complimented by slight hints of kiwi, lime, and grapefruit.

SLEIGH RIDE - An enchanting blend of spruce, apple cider, cranberries, and plum form the top layer of this jovial scent. Grapefruit, mandarin, cinnamon, and clove notes intertwine to rejuvenate the holiday spirit in all of us, as the light essence of vanilla beans and musk provides a delicate finish. Get ready to sparkle and shine at all your Holiday celebrations with this fragrance!

SNOWBERRY- An outstanding fragrance with an abundance of winter berries and hints of sage.

SOLAR FLARE - This is a very romantic scent. A lavishly lush blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine.

SOUTHERN BELLE – Warm nights in the south walking among huge gardenias and petite jasmine blossoms, sunflowers & lilacs.

SPICED CRANBERRY - A fragrant blend of fresh, tart cranberry with yummy spice notes.

STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE – A Blend of Wild Strawberries, Grape, and Sparkling Wine.

STRAWBERRY PASSION - A rich ripened strawberry fragrance with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla.

SUNDRENCHED VINEYARD - Sweet orange and tangy grapefruit peel blend with a juicy fruit accord to create lift in this red grape fragrance. Woody tones support the vineyard theme while lingering undertones of amber create a touch of sweetness. (BBW Type)

SWEET PEA - A fruity floral scent that evokes the intoxicating, floral-infused breezes of the Mediterranean.

TIMBERLINE - A powerful scent with Citrus Zest, Cedar Leaf, Rich Spices, Vetiver, White Pepper, Deep Musk, and Light Patchouli.

TROPICAL TUBEROSE - A floral scent of orange blossom, ylang ylang & jasmine w/magnolia, lilies, and a touch of wintergreen.

TWIGHLIGHT WOODS - A distinctly feminine fragrance, an alluring blend of bright flowers, surprising spices and creamy woods – layers upon layers of youthful luxury with an elegant touch of cashmere, captures the singular pleasure of a twilight stroll. (True BB&W)

VANILLA BEAN - A wonderful, rich-smelling Vanilla with rich, buttery overtones.

WATERMELON INFUSION - A modern mix of juicy watermelon, coconut water and dewy fruits

WHITE LILY & AMBER- Soft white amber and musk with backdrop of crisp dewy cyclamen and smooth mimosa.

WHITE TEA & GINGER - A wonderfully pleasant blend of delicate white tea mingled with fresh ginger. (True B&BW type)

WILD RASPBERRY - A genuine raspberry. Sun-ripened and Sweet. (BB&W Type)

WINTER WONDERLAND - Winter Wonderland - An exhilarating fragrance perfect for the holidays! Imagine the tranquility of fresh snow, festive lights, and cozy winter spices, at your fingertips! Let your imagination take over while you indulge in this Winter wonder that includes warm notes of cinnamon, clove, vanilla musk and mulberry. Hints of cassia root, eucalyptus, amber, fir balsam, pine, and cedar are included in this refreshing blend that will brighten your spirits. Enjoy the comforting and irresistible aromas as you are walking through your Winter Wonderland!

YLANG GINGER - A fruity bouquet of strawberries and raspberries with a background of sweet vanilla.

These products are Handmade in the Rocky Mountains. We take pride in what we do and the purest of ingredients that we use. Our Bath Bomb Fizzies are NOT detergent based such as retail store products. Harmful ingredients such as petroleum jellies, parabens, and other preservatives will not be found in our products. We use NO ANIMAL BI-PRODUCTS and our products are tested on ourselves, not animals.

Lounge in an relaxing pool of moisturizing oils and fanciful fragrances. A great incentive for bath-resistant kids. Each colorful fizzy ball is long lasting. We use only the best quality ingredients to make our bath bomb fizzies to give you the most relaxing bath experience. Simply drop one in your warm tub water and enjoy the fizzing action as the bath bomb releases the skin softening moisturizing oils into the water. Our Bath Bomb Fizzy does not leave an oily ring around your tub like so many others do. We have spent countless hours perfecting our recipe so the result is a stress-free moment for you.

This bath bomb, like all of our products, can be made in different scents with varying colors
Your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days after payment has cleared.

Please ask us any questions that you have.

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